Assyrian Storytelling on the iPad…

Fun and engaging for children…

“A playful bedtime story, written in Assyrian verse, takes little ones on a journey into the wilderness to discover various animals and the events that take place during the night.” The author of Sahra, Romil Benyamino, partnered with the Assyrian owned mobile application development company, Base 2 Applications, to create the first ever Assyrian children’s iPad application. 

Moon story showcases the Assyrian language in a fun and engaging way for children.

No Assyrian Story Book apps on the iPad…until now!
A digital reproduction of Sahra on the iPad ventures into new territory.  For starters, this is the very first digital Assyrian Children’s Book app on iPad.  Second, this interactive book app is compelling enough to transport readers into the immense galaxies and lush forests introduced in the hard copy work.

The Sahra Moon iPad app  is now available