The Line in the Sand Assyrian

A must read political thriller about the the Christian genocide in Iraq!!

The Line in the Sand is the electrifying story of a courageous woman, a TV journalist who decides to make a clandestine visit to northern Iraq investigating a rumor of an enormous oil find that would change the political equations of this war torn country. She finds herself in the midst of an ethno-religious cleansing of Christian Iraqis threatened by terrorists, greedy politicians and corrupted police officials. She is kidnapped, raped, denigrated and held as hostage by a terrorist gang led by a ruthless, former Saddam henchman.

This sets off a furious and deadly hunt for her rescue involving a U.S. Army Ranger detachment, her friends in the tiny Christian community and her former bodyguard stubbornly determined to fulfill his obligation. A church is car-bombed during a wedding. The deaths of an entire family and their friends are used as a scare tactic to force people to become refugees and leave their farm lands to be confiscated by greedy men. It is a depiction of one of the numerous churches that have already been bombed in Iraq.

Over half of the 1.2 million Christians who lived in Iraq have already left – most to an uncertain existence as refugees in nearby countries. The Line in the Sand is an exciting story based on the true experiences of many Christian Iraqis where kidnappings and beheadings have become daily happenings. The once sophisticated and multi-ethnic, historic city of Mosul with the beautiful River Tigris running through it, part of the backdrop of the story, has become Iraq’s “Murder City,” divided up by the Sunnis, Shiites, Al Qaida and the Kurds with the dwindling Christian population as the victims of their crossfires. The Line in the Sand is a novel that offers a new insight to the tragedy of Iraq. It is an intimate look into some of the contentions that may push this nation into crisis and disaster.